We started the Admiral Frazier brand to bring out the ‘fashionista’ in all the dogs and pets around the world. Just because you’re a dog does not mean you can’t be fashionable.  Elegant, sexy, stylish, luxurious clothing, and accessories are no longer just for people. We designed this apparel with dogs in mind. It’s fashionable, yet comfortable clothing that your furry friends can wear on their daily walks or on the red carpet. We create unique, upscale and exclusive collections for the super chic pups that want to stand out from the pack. 

We only manufacture exclusive, limited runs of each piece of clothing. Once that item is sold out, we will not manufacture more of the same. You will be one of the lucky owners of that physical garment, some may even say, a ‘collectors’ item. 

Each Admiral Frazier product is proudly made in the U.S.A using the finest materials and hand-craftsmanship. With our heart and showroom in Los Angeles, CA, we’ve relocated our HQ to the beautiful hills of Western Massachusetts, where the Admiral can roam free, but still wine and dine with New York City a short jaunt away..

Admiral Frazier “More than a lifestyle, it’s a doggie style ….”