Barking of collector items. We’ve become fascinated with all the new emerging technologies, the block chain, and NFT’s. It’s an opportunity for our loyal customers to take ownership in these timeless pieces, that will truly live on forever in cyberspace. Those photos, those clothes, those looks, will NEVER again be re-created.

We are combining the virtual and physical worlds. For every physical garment we produce, we will mint a limited number of NFT’s for that item, known as a ‘barker’s card’.  With every Admiral Frazier NFT that is purchased, the new owner will receive that same physical garment.  Our top tier ‘barker’s cards’ are based on  ‘Looks’. With each top tier NFT purchase, Admiral Frazier will mail the owner an entire look, hand-picked and PAW-tographed by The Admiral himself.

With every NFT purchase, you will be added to our ‘Admiral’s Club’ where you will be our VIP.  Be first to know about upcoming clothing and NFT drops, special discounts on special days, air drops, and other special perks only Admiral’s can have. 
NFT’s Coming Fall 2021!!