Hey dolls!

Temp-LA Tales and Frazier’s Fashionable Adventures here.

Today while Frazier and I took a look at the grounds of where we are staying I started to wonder about Mother Earth and how much we care for her. Do you ask the Universe to heal her? Do you ask your very own self to heal her? Or the hardest question one must ask themselves, am I the one hurting her?

Do you need Amazon delivery drivers to get you your items in just one day or can you find that same product in a more sustainable form?

This blog is a thinking center for those who seek to grant this world a better place. This place is where solutions abound.

Yes, you will find tips and trips on here as well but this will be an even format. So sit back and enjoy taking this ride with us.

Everyone have an empowering and blessed week.

Ta Ta For Now!

Temp-LA and The Admiral